Our Fellows

LGC’s Fellows are a diverse group of Chicago’s most influential leaders and experts.

Since 1985, LGC has selected more than 1,000 men and women from all walks of life to participate in its Fellows Program. We strive to make each Fellows class representative of the diversity found throughout Chicago’s communities.

Our Fellows are…

  • Chicago’s business leaders, government leaders and civic leaders
  • Black, white, Asian and Hispanic
  • Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians
  • Chicago natives and Chicago transplants
  • From the private sector and the public sector

What they all have in common is a personal commitment to civic engagement and making a better Chicago.

Fellows act as representatives for their companies, as well as Leadership Greater Chicago, when they step out to make change within the community.

Having an LGC Fellow on your team places you in the company of powerful, forward-thinking businesses and organizations that see value in bettering the community through inspired leaders and subject matter experts.

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